Alternative Usenet Search Engines

What happens when your favorite Usenet search engine or NZB site goes down?  Where do you turn?  Over the last few days a lot of Usenet fans have been discussing where to find newsgroup content when leading sites like NZBMatrix are down.  Whether down indefinitely like Newzleech or temporarily as was the case when NZBMatrix recently upgraded servers.  Either way users are left seeking alternatives.

We’re not suggesting you turn away from sites like Binsearch, NZBMatrix and Mysterbin.  As we enjoy them as well.  Instead these alternatives are great to have when your favorite site is down.  Luckily there are some pretty good options available.  In fact we’ve been enjoying the Usenet search feature inside of the Newshosting client along with Newsbin and the NewsLeecher SuperSearch feature.  Integrated search is definitely convenient.

Newshosting Client with Built-In Usenet Search

Newshosting is our favorite alternative to sites like Binsearch and NZBMatrix.  Why?  Because they have a number of search engines built into the free Usenet client.  Including Binsearch, Nzbindex and Nfonews.  Along with their own Newshosting search engine.  Giving you the flexibility to find Usenet content through different sources.  Then you can let the Newshosting Usenet browser download, repair and extract the content.  Newshoting includes the newsreader free along with unlimited Usenet access for $9.99 a month or $99 a year.  We highly recommend their service.

Newsbin Pro with the Usenet Search Feature

Newsbin Pro has been one of our favorite newsreaders for many years now.  Part of the reason is their Newsbin Internet Search feature.  Which is a built-in Usenet search engine.  You can filter by newsgroup, file size and age just to name a few.  The search feature is an additional cost.  With two options to choose from.  They have a Standard search package which includes 500 searches a month for $2.50 along with an unlimited option which costs $5 a month.  New users can download a free trial of Newsbin Pro which will also allow you to test the Newsbin search functionality.

Newsleecher with the SuperSearch Feature

We’ve been using Newsleecher with the SuperSearch feature for a long time as well.  It has some newer advanced features like ‘SuperSearch It’ which is great for finding content in a specific groups or even browse through the group without downloading headers.  Newsleecher is similar to Newsbin in that the search feature costs extra.  New users can purchase Newsleecher along with the SuperSearch feature for $2.99 a month or $29.99 a year.  That includes all future releases and beta downloads.  You can also download a free trial of Newsleecher to test the reader.

The Newshosting client with built-in Usenet search is our favorite because it’s free to members and offers multiple engines.  You really can’t go wrong with any of the options listed above.  Especially when your favorite site is down or you just want the convenience of searching and downloading within the newsreader.

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