Comparing Usenet Provider’s Online Storage

Earlier this month we wrote about the announcement of Giganews online storage efforts.  As they plan to offer Diamond customers beta access to personal online storage in the months to come.  How will it compare to leading online storage services?  Will it include the features that others like Dropbox, Livedrive, etc. offer?  Might other Usenet provider’s decide to offer similar services?  Well actually some already have.

We’ve been covering personal online storage for a year or so now.  As a few other Usenet provider’s started offering online backup last year.  The provider’s include NewsDemon and Newsgroupdirect (StorageNinja) along with Ngroups (Livedrive).  Each partnering with an online storage service to offer more value to their members.  NewsDemon and Ngroups include online storage with unlimited Usenet for $9.99 a month.

Let’s take a closer look at both StorageNinja and Livedrive.  Along with the newsgroup services that are using each online storage service.  Looking closely at how NewsDemon, NewsgroupDirect and Ngroups have incorporated online backup for their members.  As a nice add-on benefit.


Both NewsDemon and NewsgroupDirect partnered with StorageNinja to offer personal online storage for their customers.  How does it work?  Simple enough.  Each unlimited Usenet subscriber gains the benefit of 30 GB online storage through StorageNinja.  With secure online access to your files.  The service is simple to use.  It lacks some of the bells and whistles of Livedrive but does well backing up your personal files online.

NewsDemon offers 975+ days of binary retention along with 1,400 days of text posts.  Subscribers enjoy unlimited Usenet access, 256-bit SSL, 50 connections, 30 GB online storage, News Rover and 24/7 support.  Take advantage of our NewsDemon $9.99 special for 50% off unlimited Usenet.


Ngroups partnered with Livedrive to offer personal online storage for their customers.  Ngroups unlimited members receive unlimited online storage.  How does it work?  Livedrive allows you to backup your hard drivve (or select files) remotely.  Accessing it online from any computer.  With the ability to share files between systems.  You can also stream music and video to your iPhone / iPad through the Livedrive service.

Ngroups offers 960 days of binary retention along with 1,095 days of text posts.  Subscribers enjoy unlimited Usenet access, 256-bit SSL, 30 connections and unlimited online storage through LiveDrive Backup.  Take advantage of our Ngroups $9.99 special to save on unlimited Usenet.