Tweaknews Down : Find Alternatives

We’ve heard from several Tweaknews customers who are having issues.  It appears both the site and their Usenet service are down for some.  I just tested the site from a hotel wi-fi network in the United States and it’s currently accessible.  Yet a friend on Comcast is unable to reach the site or connect to their news server.  This is very likely an ISP or upstream issue.  I don’t think it’s anything on Tweaknews end.


Regardless of the reason I understand that if you can’t access the service it’s frustrating and you may need an alternative.  Especially given the popularity of using Tweaknews for fills.  I highly recommend their block accounts for that very reason.  In cases like this one you might want a backup for your backup.  Tweaknew is still my favorite for fills but if they’re not accessible I would recommend other European providers that offer low cost plans.  Two of my favorites are Pure Usenet and XLned.  Both offer speed capped plans.

My first recommended European alternative to Tweaknews is Pure Usenet.  They offer plans ranging from 4 Mbit to unlimited speeds.  For those who plan to use the account for fills I recommend their 4 Mbit plan which costs € 2,29 a month.  Pure Usenet supports 900 days of retention.  If you want more binary retention then I suggest XLned as an alternative.  XLned offers 1,100 days of retention.  They have accounts ranging from 2.5 Mbit to 120 Mbit speed caps.  For fills I recommend their 2.5 Mbit plan which costs € 2,99 a month.

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