ThunderNews Black Friday Rewind Sale

If it had been tomorrow we’d wonder if this was an Aprtil Fool’s joke.  It’s isn’t though as we’ve confirmed that the ThunderNews Black Friday page is live and offering the same great deals as were offered for last year’s Black Friday sale.  That includes unlimited Usenet access from $5 a month and 200 GB block plans for $15.  The specials won’t be available for long so visit the ThunderNews Black Friday deals page to sign up.

The $5 unlimited Usenet offer crrently shows 292 accounts remaining so if you want the special pricing sign up soon.  We also like the 200 GB and 500 GB block Usenet accounts.  Remember that ThunderNews blocks are non-expiring so a 500 GB block can last a really long time depending on how frequently you download.

Here’s are some highlights of ThunderNews Usenet service:
– Unlimited speed downloads
– 1,324+ days of binary retention
– 1,400+ days of text retention
– 99%+ completion rate
– Up to 50 simultaneous connections
– Free 256-bit SSL encryption
– Free News Rover client
– News servers in the US and Europe
– Access to over 107,000 newsgroups
– 24/7 tech support

Read our ThunderNews review to learn more or visit the ThunderNews Black Friday deal page to sign up for one of their unlimited, metered or block specials.  These special offers could end at anytime.

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