Supernews Increases Binary Retention to 500 Days

Congratulations to Supernews who just increased binary retention by 100 days.  Up from 400 too 500 days.  The update in retention is immediate.

Supernews offers a lot of value for the price.  Especially for NGR visitors who can enjoy unlimited Usenet access for only $9.99 a month.  The service is rock solid with exceptional speed, completion and reliability.

Here are some highlights of the Supernews service:
– Unlimited Usenet access
– Unlimited speed
– Free 256-bit SSL encryption
– 500 days binary retention
– 1,000 days text retention
– 99%+ completion rate
– Access to over 110,000 newsgroups
– Full header retention across all groups
– 30 concurrent connections
– Servers in the U. S., Europe and Asia
– 24 hour customer support

To learn more read our Supernews review or sign up and enjoy!