Recommended Usenet Providers

Below is a list of NGR recommended newsgroup services. For each provider we list their binary retention, text retention, max number of connections , free trial details and special offers when applicable.  Visit the Usenet providers section of NewsgroupReviews to compare a full list of newsgroup servers.

1. Giganews

Giganews is first on the list of Usenet providers.  They provide a premium service at a premium price.  The service isn’t for everyone but those who subscribe love the extra features including the highest retention in the industry (825+ days), 50 connections, SSL encryption, VyprVPN access and Mimo newsreader for Diamond customers.

Giganews is currently offering a 14 day free trial + 50% off your first month.  Read our Giganews review to learn more.

2. UseNetServer

UseNetServer is another top Usenet provider.  They are a top NGR choice and offer a great mix of value and features.  With over 700 days of binary retention, 20 connections, SSL and free Usenet search for $10 a month.

UseNetServer is currently offering new customers unlimited Usenet + search for $10 a month or $95 a year.  Read our UseNetServer review to learn more.

3. Astraweb

Astraweb is well known for their mix of high retention and low price.  With binary retention around 815 days (about 10 days behind Giganews), 20 connections and SSL encryption for $11 a month.

Astraweb is presently offering new subscribers unlimited Usenet for $11 a month.  Read our Astraweb review to learn more.

4. NewsDemon

NewsDemon is another respected Usenet service that has been around awhile.  They added free online storage to their mix of offerings earlier this year.  With over 700 days of binaries, SSL, 50 connections, online storage and a free newsreader for $9.99 a month it’s hard to go wrong with NewsDemon.

NewsDemon is currently offering unlimited Usenet for $9.99 a month.  Read our NewsDemon review to learn more.

5. ThunderNews

ThunderNews doesn’t have the brand recognition of Giganews or Astraweb but they offer a great mix of features and price.  With retention over 700 days, 50 connections, SSL and free copy of News Rover for $10.49 a month.

ThunderNews is currently offering unlimited Usenet for $10.49 a month.  Read our ThunderNews review to learn more.