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With the second presidential debate coming up this evening and the election in a few weeks the subject of politics is close at hand.  Whether you’ve chosen a candidate or are undecided this is an important time.  As the opportunity to vote for the next U. S. President is just around the corner.  You have a lot of good resources for information including Usenet.  Fans of text newsgroups know that posts often spark lively discussion.

In a moment we’ll list a series of text newsgroups that focus on political topics.  Many of which are currently focused on the 2012 presidential election.  Without trying to convince you of which candidate to choose we would just like to encourage our American visitors to get out and vote on November 6th.

There are quite a few newsgroups dedicated to politics in the U. S. and around the world.  You can find a long list starting with alt.politics.  We use Newsbin Pro to browse text groups and find the client to be very good at the task.  Those without a Usenet membership can also use Google Groups to access them.

Here’s a sampling of some popular political newsgroups:

  • alt.politics
  • alt.politics.conservative
  • alt.politics.democrat
  • alt.politics.democrats
  • alt.politics.elections
  • alt.politics.economics
  • alt.politics.liberalism
  • alt.politics.obama
  • alt.politics.republican
  • alt.politics.usa
  • alt.politics.usa.constitution

It’s easy to find newsgroups related to politics.  Here’s a search we did in Newsbin Pro:

As you can see we typed alt.politics in the search box and Newsbin returned 275 groups.  You can also search for topics based on keywords like democrat, republican, president, senate, congress, etc.

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