Usenet Guide : Avoiding Password Protected RAR Files

Password protected RAR files are annoying to say the least.  We’re not going to say that 100% of the passworded files are spam but most certainly appear that way.  Or worse as many posts instruct the downloader to visit a site.  Enter survey information, join the site, accept certain offers, etc.  Not to mention the viruses and malware that can be attached.  For those reasons we choose to avoid password protected posts.

If you agree and would like to disregard passworded RAR files then read on as we’ll provide some tips for finding the passworded posts before downloading.  Saving you lots of time and bandwidth / Usenet account usage.  With an additional tip to help avoid RAR-in-RAR archives.

Step 1 – Mysterbin Advanced Search – No Password

You’ll want to start with a quality Usenet search site like Binsearch or Mysterbin.  In the case of Mysterbin you can choose whether or not to include password protected files in the search results.  Simply visit, click on the Advanced Search page and choose  “No Password”.

In addition you might want to check out Nzbmatrix as their members often post comments related to password protected posts.  The site is also a good source of information on the quality and usability of newsgroup posts.

Step 2 – Newsleecher Leech Tweaks – Pasworded RAR-in-RAR Archives

Those who gain from password protected RAR’s have found a way around the Usenet search engines blocking passworded posts.  To avoid detection they are including a non-passworded RAR archive with a password protected RAR inside.  Staying one step ahead of most nzb sites and newsreaders.  However the Newsleecher v5.0 beta 5+ (download) has a new RAR-in-RAR Archive feature.

To access the new feature click on Tools – Settings.  Then choose the Leech Tweaks under Download.  Here you have the option to pause downloads that include password protected RAR-in-RAR archives.  Some other useful tweaks above let you tell Newsleecher how to treat PAR files.  Choosing to “Auto Pause PAR Files” can save you even more bandwidth when repairs aren’t necessary.

Linux fans will also want to check out URD (Usenet Resource Downloader) as we understand the Usenet browser will automatically detect encrypted RAR’s and cancel the downloads when found.

We hope our guide will help you avoid password protected RAR archives.  If you’re having additional issues with performance or completion check out our list of top Usenet providers.  As not all Usenet services are created equal but you can find quality, unlimited Usenet access for under $10 a month.