nzbX to Open Source Indexer Code

Lemon at has been looking for someone to take over the site due to health related issues.  He is currently recovering from a hearth attack and was looking for others to manage the site.  It looks like that plan has changed.  Instead of keeping nzbX open, Lemon is going to provide the open source index code for anyone to use in future projects.  It will be interesting to see how many new indexers launch on the nzbX code.

nzbX open source

Here’s the full message Lemon posted on

So, things are going to be changing around here. How and why? Well, let’s start with the how…

nzbX as an index will be closing down, and instead – will become an open source software package that lets people easily run their own indexing software, whilst allowing for the option to sync releases, ratings and community metadata with other installations. Neat, right? The index will cease to exist as of now, and at some point in the very near future a countdown will appear on the site, when the countdown expires – super shiny sexy software release! As I can’t really do anything at the moment, making code tweaks from a machine not designed for it is my plan (when I’m awake).

Well, first and foremost – I (Lemon) am recovering from a heart attack (at the ripe old age of 26) which I sustained a few weeks ago. My health complications from last year have made a comeback, and they’ve done it with a vengeance. I do not have the time or energy to maintain running an index or fight any legal battles which could arise from doing so (as per below).

Today, whilst I was half comatose – I received a visit from a member of FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) who attempted to pressure, threaten and harass me (and failed) to hand over control of the domains (presumably so they could use it as a honeypot), as well as making references to the criminal prosecution of the administrator of a video streaming site. That’s good, I’ll keep that in mind if I ever set one up in Antigua. After this, whilst I felt relatively calm – I experienced crippling chest pains and my heart rate was surging fairly high in comparison to what it should be.

The couple I was intending to hand over control of nzbX to backed out, and I decided to enact my alternative plan (as per the “how” section) in order to protect the state of my health and the confidentiality of my users. At 6PM tomorrow, every trace of the user database will be wiped out – don’t worry, the location of the origin server is a big secret and there’s no way anybody could have got your information.

Feel free to email for a chat, though responses may be extremely slow due to the fact the bulk of my time is dedicating to sleeping and attempting to recover. I do like emails though!

Anyway, so long – and thanks for all the fish!

Keep an eye on the site for the release of the nzbX code.  If you need an alternative take a look here.