Enjoy nzbX Premium for Free

nzbX is one of the new Usenet indexing sites that launched late last year.  Around the time that Newzbin2 and NzbMatrix closed down.  We’ve enjoyed watching the growth of the new players in search.  Including nzbX and Usenet-Crawler.  There are several NZB sites with open registration if you’re looking for options.  We were excited to see that nzbX.co is now offering their premium features for free to all members.


Lemon, the developer of nzbX and nuPlay, explains the change from premium memberships to a donation drive in a related post on their blog.  In the post he let’s members know that he doesn’t like premium status.  Actually he hates it.  He would rather let everyone have access to all the features on the site.  Regardless of whether or not they contribute financially.  A stance that is sure to help the site grow even faster.

Lemon goes on to explain the costs of running nzbX.  They will still accept and welcome donations to help with the ongoing costs of hosting the site.  Though any help will now be voluntary and not tied to whether or not you have premium status on the site.  Those who donated to achieve premium features in the past won’t lose anything of course.  They will almost certainly see the community grow as a result.

A large and active community is key to sites like nzbX and Usenet-Crawler.  Not only for posting but also for commenting and ranking indexed content.  Something that popular search sites like Binsearch and Nzbindex just don’t offer.  Comments made NZBMatrix a great resource for years.  The next site to build that kind of active audience will really be a benefit to Usenet fans.  We’ll continue to share updates on all the new sites.

Cheers to Lemon for deciding to make all the nzbX.co features free for members.  All you have to do to enjoy the site is register.  From there you can search, comment, and rate content.  Viewing what others have to say as well of course.  You can do all these things whether you donate to the project or not.  We still encourage you to help the project if you enjoy using the site.  I’m sure Lemon and the rest of the nzbX team would be grateful.

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