Response to NZBSooti Site Crash

This morning NZBSooti crashed.  The admin of the site has been working the last few days to stabilize issues with the site.  Unfortunately the operating system crashed this morning leaving the admin without access.  He has a backup of the data but can’t access it after the crash.  It’s possible the site might be down for good.  If so NZBSooti’s admin is offering to refund members who paid within the last 90 days.


Here’s the message NZBSooti’s admin shared earlier today on Reddit:

Hi Everyone, Last few days the server has been acting crazy and I have done everything I can to stabilize it… Sadly this morning the OS completely crashes and won’t let me log in no matter what.

Right now it looks like there are two solutions:

  1. Close the site and refund anyone who want their money back with the money left. (newer members first of course)
  2. Wipe the site and start over, tbh, I just lost my job and don’t have much time or money, but I am willing to start over if that’s what everyone wants.

We tried backing everything up, but I don’t have access even to the backup.

I’ve spent the last year and a half working very hard on providing as good a service, sadly its taken a toll on my work and finance.

If you guys have any other solutions ill be glad to hear.

Hope everyone understands.

NZBSooti Admin.

P.S If the majority here wants to shutdown, those who want a refund please send your transaction ID in a PM, it must be within the last 90 days so I can refund you, otherwise paypal won’t allow it

NZBSooti is a good site and hopefully will be for some time to come.  The crash may be the end of NZBSooti or perhaps a fresh beginning.  A number of Usenet fans have stepped forward on Reddit to offer help.  The event is still evolving but there are a number of helpful tips and offers for assistance in bringing the site back online.  Best of luck to everyone involved.  I look forward to an even stronger NZBSooti in the future if possible.

While the site is down I’m sure some will be looking for alternatives.  There are several other NZB sites and search engines to choose from.  It’s really a matter of preference.  Here are some options:

Usenet clients with built-in search engines:

Usenet search engines:

NZB Sites:

Once again I’d like to wish the best of luck to NZBSooti’s admin and everyone who is helping to bring the site back online.  We appreciate all of your efforts.  You can follow us @NewsgroupRevs for the latest updates.