NZBMatrix Target of Denial of Service (DDOS) Attack

NZBMatrix is working through the results of a denial of service (DDOS) attack.  There have been several such attacks this year in the Usenet space.  Something that we didn’t see much of prior to 2011.  We’re pleased to see is up and running.  They’re still working on the RSS and API bookmarks.  As always for the latest updates visit  We wish the NZBMatrix team the best as they recover from the DDOS attack.

The NZBMatrix team has been very busy lately.  Earlier this month they put in new servers to better handle the load.  Being popular has it’s advantages but also required more horsepower than the original single core servers could handle.  So they brought in new hardware.  The new servers have been performing well except for a nagging MySQL error.  The good news is the hardware can handle more connections.  The NZBMatrix team has been tweaking the database to allow for more users.  As a result this week saw fewer issues.

The denial of service attack is completely separate from the new hardware and associated issues.  It was outside of their control and is being dealt with.  We’re happy to see up and running with good performance.  The NZBMatrix team continues to be diligent in working to improve the site.  The results are showing as search results and overall site performance is much improved.

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