NZB Portal ( : The New Merlins Portal

Last month we talked about Merlins Portal and the farewell letter left by Merlin.  In it Merlin talked about the notion of joining a new site and helping out.  At the time there was rumor that NZB Portal ( was the new site in reference.  Now we can confirm the notion as is linking to NZB Portal.

We spent some time looking over the new site and enjoyed the layout, features and friendly tone in the forums.  NZBPortal has a forum built on vBulletin which offers some nice features.  In addition to several search options.  The site already boasts over 200,000 NZB files across some 600+ days of binary retention.

In addition to searching by topic NZB Portal offers a number of advanced search options.  You can search by post, group message, forum, group and more.  They also allow you to filter by date and sort by relevance, title, date and user.  Not to mention browsing forum posts for useful information and getting involved in the discussions.

Can NZB Portal match the huge success of Merlins Portal?  I guess we’ll find out over time.  For now we’re very happy to see the new site (run by Merlin editors) and wish them the very best.

To learn more visit (update: the site has moved to, read our NZB Portal review or visit the Usenet search engine section of NGR to compare all the top NZB sites.