How do NZB files end up on Usenet?

Ever wonder how NZB files end up on Usenet? There are a few ways NZBs are created and we will discuss two popular scenarios.

1)  NZB created and posted with the file:   Many times when users are uploading articles to Usenet they create an NFO file and an NZB file along with the archive.  There are uploading programs available that automatically create an NZB for you during the posting process.  This is the preferred method as the NZB file will point to the entire file set including the RAR parts, NFO, Par2 files, etc.

2)  NZB search engine:  Other times, there are 3rd party services such as Usenet indexing or NZB search engines that help you create the NZB file.  These NZB Indexing sites will allow you to search for a file by subject or filename. Some NZB sites will give you many more options to search with.  Once you find the file it will be displayed as a file collection.  Once you find the articles/file collection that you are looking for there will generally be an option to create the NZB.

There are many Usenet indexing sites / Usenet search engines on the market. Some are free while others are pay for use. The fees for the pay sites are very modest ranging from a few cents a month to $10/year.  We recommend using NZB’s because of the time it saves.  Either type of nzb site make using Usenet much easier and more efficient.  For example, the NZB search engines offer a user many options to search by.  A Usenet user can search by subject/filename, minimum or maximum date of the post, the poster, size of the file, search only in specific newsgroups and much more.  Some sites even go as far as letting you filter your search by file format type, file categories, and even search for file by defining a maximum or minimum file size.

Usenet search engine / Usenet indexing services:
–  Ngindex – small fee
–  Binsearch – free
–  Newzbin – small fee
–  NZBindex – free
–  Newzleech – free

Nzb sites:
–  NZBsRUS – small fee
–  Merlin’s Portal– free
–  Nzbmatrix – small fee

To open an NZB, you must use a newreader that supports the use of NZB’s.  Most Usenet Browsers support the functionality but be sure to visit NGR or the Usenet clients site to confirm.