nMatrix Open Registration for 72 Hours

With NZBsRus closing earlier today the guys over at nMatrix are opening up registration for the next 72 hours.  A very nice gesture for those surprised by NZBsRus shutting down.  nMatrix is otherwise private and they plan to close registration in around 2 days, 18 hours from now.  Visit https://www.nmatrix.co.za/ to register for free.  Cheers to the nMatrix team for opening registration for new users to join this weekend.

nMatrix open registration

nMatrix is one of our favorite NZB sites.  This is an excellent opportunity to register.  They ran a poll for users to vote on whether or not the site should be private.  So far the vote is almost unanimous.  With 96% of users polled having a preference for a private indexer.  In light of the vote and hardware restrictions, nMatrix will likely stay private after this weekend.  Free users can download up to 50 NZBs a day along with 100 API hits.

After you have a chance to try out nMatrix they offer upgrades with bitcoin.  With unlimited NZBs, API hits and 10 invites for a $3 donation.  Along with the option of purchasing 50 invites for $1, 100 invites for $3 or 500 invites for $10.  All payments are made via bitcoin.  Once you sign up and test the site just visit their forum for more details.  Once again thanks to the nMatrix team for opening registration in light of the NZBsRus closure.