NGD Mayan Apocalypse Sale

You’ve got to appreciate a company with a sense of humor.  NewsgroupDirect is well known for their Terabyte Tuesday promotions.  Why not celebrate the end of the world with some Usenet goodness?  As they put it “the end is nigh, so you might as well go out on top with a sweet 250 GB block from NGD”.  Sign up for a 250 GB block of Usenet downloads from NGD by December 22 at 12 PM EST and spend just $12.

NGD Mayan Sale

NewsgroupDirect normally sells their 250 GB blocks for $32.  During their Mayan Apocalypse Sale you can save $20 which is 63% off the regular price.  Block accounts from NGD never expire so you can enjoy the 250 GB block until it’s all used up.  Connect to either of their server farms located in the United States and Europe.  With up to 50 simultaneous connections allowed.  The sale is available to new and existing members.

Need more than a 250 GB block?  If so NewsgroupDirect will let you purchase multiple blocks during the Mayan promotion.  Whether you’re topping of an exiting account or adding NGD for the first time they have you covered.  You’ll also receive a discount offer from GhostPath which is a good way to strengthen your online privacy.

Remember to sign up by noon on December 22nd or before the world ends.  Whichever comes first 🙂