NGD Independence Day Sale

NewsgroupDirect is celebrating the 4th of July, Independence Day in the United States, with a special offer on their 250 GB block account.  The 250 GB block normally costs $32 but for one day only, July 4th, the price has been reduced down to just $10.  That’s a great value on a perfect size block for helping with fills.  Visit the NewsgroupDirect Independence Day Sale page before midnight EST to pick up a 250 GB block for just $10.

NGD 4tth of July Sale

Block Usenet accounts are a good choice for backup and fills.  To fill missing content I would suggest a European Usenet provider.  A 250 gigabyte block is a good size for fills.  Most Usenet fans could use it for that purpose over a long period of time.  Remember that NGD blocks are non-expiring.  At just 4 cents a gig the price is great on that size block.  NGD users enjoy high retention along with 50 SSL connections.  Remember to sign up before midnight EST on July 4th because the deal is only available during Independence Day.

The 250 GB Independence Day promotion is also open to existing members.  If you already have an NGD account then you’ll want to log into their website and click on add block.  From there you can add a 250 GB block for the $10 discounted price instead of the $32 regular price.  We’d also like to mention that NGD block accounts are shareable.  Since you are buying a block of Usenet access they don’t mind you sharing the account.

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