Is Newzbin Coming Back?

If you visit the original Newzbin domain ( you’ll notice a message stating that the Newzbin1 team is coming back later this year.  The site claims they are working on some new, legal, services and to stay tuned for more details. That seems kind of odd for a number of reasons.  The first of which is a denial on the Newzbin IRC channel.  Along with the domain being hosted in Germany now.  We’ll keep an eye out though.

Here’s the message currently displayed on


The Newzbin1 team are coming back later this year!

We will have some new, legal, services.

Stay tuned for further announcements.

Along with a search for the domain:

expiration_date:              2014-05-08 23:55:07
last_update:                  2013-06-11 14:05:11


registrant-organization:      WCIS Limited
registrant-type:              ORG
registrant-address:           Victoria House
registrant-postcode:          Mahe 000 000
registrant-city:              Victoria
registrant-country:           SC

admin-c-name:                 Marcus Dodds
admin-c-type:                 PERSON
admin-c-address:              Victoria House
admin-c-postcode:             Mahe 000 000
admin-c-city:                 Victoria
admin-c-country:              SC
admin-c-phone:                +248284110
admin-c-email:                Email Masking

tech-c-name:                  Marcus Dodds
tech-c-type:                  PERSON
tech-c-address:               Victoria House
tech-c-postcode:              Mahe 000 000
tech-c-city:                  Victoria
tech-c-country:               SC
tech-c-phone:                 +248284110
tech-c-email:                 Email Masking

zone-c-name:                  Marcus Dodds
zone-c-type:                  PERSON
zone-c-address:               Victoria House
zone-c-postcode:              Mahe 000 000
zone-c-city:                  Victoria
zone-c-country:               SC
zone-c-phone:                 +248284110
zone-c-email:                 Email Masking

Information Updated: Mon, 8 Jul 2013 01:24:32 UTC

You can decide whether or not to believe the message on the site.  We will remain cautiously optimistic that the Newzbin team will find a way to return in the future.  Visit Reddit for more discussion on the topic.