Down : Site Moved to

For those who enjoy Newzbin but perhaps don’t use it that frequently or haven’t read the news you will want to pay close attention to their latest message.  As Newsbin has decided to close  More specifically they have decided to change domains and leave the .com domain behind.  The transition is expected to take a couple weeks.  Once completed will no longer be available. Members will need to access Newzbin at their new URL –  When the .es site launches the .com URL will not be redirected.

In case the image isn’t clear enough here’s the Newzbin news post from Mr White:

Newzbin is leaving the American Internet. In a couple of weeks we will cease to use the domain and move to

We regret the need to do this but, thanks to the retards in the US Government and the MPA, a ‘.com’ address is no longer viable. Really, any domain controlled by the US government proxy Verisign isn’t viable.

For the next couple of weeks we are undertaking preparations for the move. We will switch shortly after that. For legal reasons the defunct ‘’ page will not do any redirects or give links to the new sites. If you wish you can start using the .es domain straight away.

As you may know we rent the domain name rather than own it. What the owners will do with it when we are gone is out of our control, but we will pay the rent for a few more months.

It sounds like members can start using right away.  Though we’re not sure if the site is 100% functional yet.  When you notice is down just point your browser to

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