Newzbin Christmas Sale : Save 50% off Newzbin

December 21st update:  the Newzbin Christmas sale is officially underway.  Enjoy 50% by topping off your Newzbin account between now and January 4th.  Visit for more details.

Newzbin will be offering their annual Christmas sale again this year.  This time around the sale will last 14 days.  Beginning on December 21st and ending January 4th.  So for those interested in topping off their Newzbin accounts this is the time to purchase.  As the price will be 50% off the normal fee.  Which works out to £0.15 a week.  Previous xmas promotions have allowed users to purchase up to 12 months of premium credits.

The normal cost for Newzbin is £0.30 a week plus s £0.50 transaction fee per purchase.  So those wanting to save the most will want to pick up a year of premium access during the Newzbin Christmas sale.  Bringing the total cost to £8.30 for the year.  At £0.15 a week * 52 weeks plus a £0.50 transaction fee.  Of course as always you can also make a donation.  As we’re sure many Newzbin users will do to help support their efforts.

Read our Newzbin review to learn more about the Usenet search engine or visit between December 21st, 2011 and January 4th, 2012 to take advantage of this year’s 50% off Christmas sale.