NewsLeecher v5.0 Final Release

Earlier this month NewsLeecher had a double release.  They released both v 5.0 Final and v5.1 Beta 1.  In addition they’re already working on new features to be included in NewsLeecher version 6.  Upcoming features include automated SuperSearch searching and downloading.  Along with scripting support to allow for more flexibility in the client.  Visit to download either the latest v5.0 Final or v5.1 Beta release.

NewsLeecher v5 Final

Here are the release notes from NL v5.0 Final:

#: NewsLeecher V5.0 Final Release.
#: Since V5.0 is now final and has been released, we have begun
   to work on the NewsLeecher V6 series.
   NewsLeecher V6 will support automatic SuperSearch searching and
   downloading, based on user specified search queries. V6 will
   also implement fast and efficient scripting support, to make
   NewsLeecher much more flexible. Scripting will, for example,
   allow fully flexible and automatic download management,
   Repair & Extract management, etc..
#: For a complete list of changes since NewsLeecher V4 Final,
   check this page:
*: Only very minor changes since most recent beta (beta 19).

Along with the release notes for NL v5.1 Beta:

*: It is now possible to cancel ongoing cleaning of subscribed
   Usenet groups. This is sometimes wanted, as cleaning can take a
   long time for larger groups.
*: Smaller visual improvements.
!: When cleaning of subscribed Usenet groups was initiated, the
   NewsLeecher interface would freeze until the procedure had
   finished. This has been fixed, so the interface is also
   responsive while cleaning is in progress.
#: Note that we are working on improvement the performance of the
   group cleaning procedure for an upcoming release.

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