Newshosting Plan Customizer : Find The Best Usenet Plan

Considering which Usenet provider and account type to choose for accessing newsgroups can be difficult.  Especially for those new to Usenet.  Newshosting has created a new tool you might find helpful.  The NH Plan Customizer.  By answering 5 simple questions Newshosting can help you find the right Usenet account to meet your needs.  Distinguishing the features of their Lite, Unlimited and XL Powerpack Usenet plans.

In a moment we’re going to take a closer look at the five questions included in the NH Plan Customizer.  First though let’s review all of Newshosting’s Usenet offerings.

Newshosting Usenet Plans

  • XL Powerpack – unlimited Usenet + 60 connections + free SSL + free Easynews web-based Usenet
  • Unlimited – unlimited Usenet + 30 connections + free SSL
  • Lite – 50 GB a month with rollover gigs + 30 connections + free SSL

Comparing Newshosting Accounts

  • XL Powerpack is the best value for those who also like web-based Usenet access.  The free Easynews account is worth $10 a month and supports PC, Mac, iPhone and Android mobile devices.
  • Newshosting’s Unlimited account is the best value (especially with the current Newshosting $9.99 and $99 specials).  Unless your sitting on a huge Internet pipe pay no attention to the fewer connections.  We easily saturate a 50 Mbps connection with fewer than 30 connections.
  • Lite account users either know their usage or want something to get started in Usenet.  Since 50 GB plus rollover gigs is quite a bit for a lot of new users.

Newshosting’s NH Plan Customizer

Now let’s take a look at the five questions behind the NH Plan Customizer and see how Newshosting is using the responses to help perspective customers find the right Usenet account to meet their needs.

1. Would you like to be able to search, preview, view and download files straight from your web browser?

This one is pretty straight forward.  Those who want to search, preview, view and download via web browser will prefer the XL Powerpack plan since it includes a free Easynews account.

2. How often do you download files?

This question could help determine whether the user is better off with a metered account (Lite) or one of the unlimited options (Unlimited and XL Powerpack).

3. Would you like your Usenet experience to be private and completely secure?

It seems the answer to this question is covered in all three Newshosting account types.  Since XL Powerpack, Unlimited and Lite plans now include free SSL encryption.

4. Does your internet service provider ever throttle your internet speed?

If your ISP throttles your speed or shapes traffic based on common news server ports (119 and 563) Newshosting can help with alternate ports (443 secure and 23, 25, 80, 3128 standard).

5. How long do you plan to access the Usenet? (You receive discounts for 6 months or more usage)

Newshosting offers 6 month and annual term discounts.  Save up to $50 on a year of XL Powerpack or $25 on Unlimited.  Of course don’t forget about the NH Unlimited $9.99 deal.


Newshosting’s NH Plan Customizer is a good resource for users seeking advice on the best Usenet plan.  Read our Newshosting review to learn more about the Usenet service or take advantage of their special offer featuring $9.99 NH Unlimited Usenet access.  The discount is recurring for the life of the account.