Newshosting XL Powerpack Giveaway

Newshosting has been growing retention daily for a long time now and recently surpassed 5 years of binary retention.  To celebrate the achievement they are giving away 5 Newshosting XL Powerpack accounts.  We like how the contest is set up.  The free Usenet accounts will be given to those who come closest to guessing how much binary and text retention Newshosting had in August of 2001.  You can learn more and enter to win here.

Newshosting Giveaway

I don’t know the answer but my first guess for binary retention in August 2001 would be under a month.  Perhaps somewhere in the 20 to 30 day range.  Back then we were excited to see retention jump from a week to two weeks, etc.  When we started Newsgroup Reviews in 2007 retention was under six months.  Now a days we talk about retention in terms of years. Cheers to all the leading providers for continuing to expand.

Make sure you register to win in the Newshosting XL Powerpack Giveaway by 12 am (EST) on August 28th.  The winners will be announced August 30th.  Good luck in guessing their 2001 binary and text retention!

In addition to the giveaway Newshosting is offering new members a 14 day free trial to test the service.