Newshosting Usenet Client Version 1.2.1

The Newshosting client v 1.2.1 comes with several enhancements.  We’ve enjoyed the newsreader since the first beta was released in August and are excited to share that it’s now out of beta.  You can read our Newshosting client review to learn more about the Usenet browser.  Better yet download it for yourself.  The new version 1.2.1 is freely available for new and existing members.  Those new to the service can enjoy unlimited Usenet access with the free client and search functionality for just $9.99 a month or $99 a year.

Here’s a full list of new features and enhancements in the Newshosting client v1.2.1

New Features

• Downloads can be paused individually

• NZB Auto Import. Monitors a folder for NZB files, imports and deletes or moves them afterwards.

• Download Scheduler. The download scheduler can be enabled in the settings dialog. It’s configurable based on time-of-day for different types of downloads, normal downloads, previews and images. This will help you take advantage of your bandwidth when you’re not using it for other purposes.



• Download scheduler can now be disabled on a per-download basis.

• Additional default window sizes.

• If a download is paused due to the download scheduler it now shows when the download will resume.

• New RAR version.

• Drop support for NZB files. Dropping an NZB over the main application window imports the NZB.

• An alert message is displayed if a user tries to close the settings dialog without having saved the changes made.

• Reorganized the settings dialog because of the new features included.

Bug Fixes

• Previously used window size and position wasn’t restored on Mac OS X.

• In some situations the download scheduler prevented some downloads to start although they should have started.

• Windows XP now remembers the the path that was used in the open file dialog.

• In some situations the previous window size wasn’t restored properly in Windows.

Cheers to the Newshosting client developers for their latest innovations to the popular newsreader.  We look forward to their continued efforts in the year ahead.

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