Newshosting Hits 3 Years of Binary Retention

What were you doing on August 15, 2008?  No idea?  We don’t remember either but you can find binary posts that old on Newshosting now.  As the service supports 1,095+ days of binary retention and growing.  That’s three years of binary articles.  Cheers to the Newshosting team and others celebrating the big accomplishment this month.  We look forward to continued binary retention growth along with new and innovative features like the newly released Newshosting client.  Not to mention their popular $9.99 unlimited Usenet promotion.

We cover a lot of up and coming services.  Using terms like ‘cool project’ and ‘shows a lot of potential’.  So when we write about an industry leader like Newshosting it takes a moment to switch gears.  Yet the conversation is similar in some positive ways.  As the Newshosting team dedicates a lot of effort to continuously improve the service.  For example so far this year Newshosting has increased binary retention to over three years and developed an easy to use newsreader for their members.  On top of offering the promotion shown above.  Saving new customers up to 44% off unlimited Usenet.  How’s that for progress?

Cheers to the Newshosting ops team for there efforts in supporting the world class service.  We don’t talk much about the infrastructure, massive storage and overhead costs that go into offering 3+ years of retention.  Yet the leaders like Newshosting are moving forward and continuing to grow retention.  While also adding value to the service in other ways like the newsreader with Usenet search capabilities.

Not a Newshosting member?  Here’s your chance to test out the new Usenet client beta – 14 days free.