NewsgroupDirect Terabyte Tuesday – 50% Off 1 TB Blocks

In March we wrote about NewsgroupDirect’s Members Reward Program which started with Twitter Rewards.  An opportunity for NGD members to save each month by tweeting about the service.  Today NGD is at it again.  With an offer for new and existing members.  The Terabyte Tuesday event is a one-day sale on 1 TB block accounts.  With a price of $50 you can’t beat the value on a large block of Usenet downloads.

According to the NGD blog post, Terabyte Tuesday will run a few Tuesday’s each year and give everyone the opportunity to save 50% off 1 terabyte block accounts.  That’s quite a value considering the price is down to a nickel a gig.  Which is likely at a loss for NewsgroupDirect but a good opportunity to market the service.

We’ve enjoyed Newsgroupdirect’s Usenet services and additional storage offering for a long time now.  They are in our top 10 Usenet providers list and deliver a high level of quality.  Both in service and support.  If your in the market for a block Usenet account today is the day to buy.  Read our NewsgroupDirect review to learn more about the service or visit NewsgroupDirect to take advantage of the Terabyte Tuesday sale.