NewsgroupDirect May Terabyte Tuesday

If you’ve been following our blog long you might be able to guess the topic of today’s post without reading the title.  As NewsgroupDirect has been offering their popular Terabyte Tuesday promotion around this time each month.  Once again you can enjoy a 1 TB block account for just $35.  That’s over 50% off the regular price and works out to just 3.5 cents a gig.  Visit their Terabyte Tuesday page today to sign up and enjoy the savings.

NewsgroupDirect’s Usenet blocks are an excellent choice for a backup or fill account.  At 1 TB some users can use the block as their primary for several months.  At 3.5 cents a gig the price is a great value.  The block is also non-expiring so you can download until the 1 TB is all used up.  NGD members enjoy high retention along with 50 SSL connections.  Sign up before 12 AM EST through the NGD Terabyte Tuesday page and enjoy!

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