NewsgroupDirect March Terabyte Tuesday

NewsgroupDirect is running their popular Terabyte Tuesday promotion again today.  As the months go by the deals just keep coming from NGD  This time around they are offering 1 TB blocks for $35.  Today you can get a terabyte of non-expiring Usenet downloads for $35. That’s less than four cents a gig!  Make sure to sign up before 12 AM EST on March 20th to take advantage of the Terabyte Tuesday special.

NewsgroupDirect Usenet blocks are a great option for infrequent Usenet use and as a backup or fill account.  We’re especially fond of non-expiring block accounts like the ones offered by NGD.  Some other leading Usenet providers have them as well but not for $35 a TB.  That’s an excellent price considering it works our to less than four cents a gig.  NGD block customers enjoy over 2,040 days of binary retention along with 50 connections and free SSL encryption.  Sign up before 12 AM EST on March 20th via the NGD Terabyte Tuesday page and enjoy!

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