NewsgroupDirect Blocktoberfest Sale

NewsgroupDirect is celebrating October with a big sale on Usenet blocks.  We normally share their Terabyte Tuesday offer which includes savings on 1 TB blocks.  This month NGD is extending their Blocktoberfest special to include deep discounts on even larger blocks.  You can grab a 2 TB block for just $60 during the sale.  To take advantage of the offer visit and sign up for a 2 GB block by Nov. 5th.

NewsgroupDirect Blocktoberfest

The NewsgroupDirect Blocktoberfest promotion is great for those who need a large block account for fills or as a backup.  That’s a lot of fills but for $60 the block is $140 off the normal $200 price.  That’s 70% off the regular NGD price for 2 terabytes of non-expiring Usenet downloads.  Remember the sale will end on November 5th so you have some time to decide but don’t wait past that date.

We’ve had a few visitors ask if it’s best to wait for this year’s Black Friday deals.  I guess it really depends.  If you want access now then I wouldn’t wait.  If you already have Usenet access and are just shopping around then Black Friday has had some great deals in years past.  It really depends on tour needs.  Right now Usenet is very reasonably priced so I don’t think you can really go wrong either way.

Here’s a summary of the NewsgroupDirect Blocktoberfest pricing:

  • 2 TB block – $60 (normally $200)

The 2 terabyte block is really large.  If you’re looking for something smaller I would either go with a different size block from NGD or wait until their next Terabyte Tuesday promotion.  Those seeking a large block will want to make sure to sign up by 11:59 PM EST on November 5th to take advantage of the offer.

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