NewsDemon 200 Gigabyte for $9.00 Usenet Special

NewsDemon has run some excellent specials over the years.  From the popular Demon Deal which includes unlimited Usenet access and 30 GB of online storage for $9.99 a month to our NGR special which consists of 150 GB of Usenet access for $8.95 a month.  Now NewsDemon is rolling out a 200 GB monthly account.  Offering members up to 200 GB of monthly newsgroup downloads for $9 a month.

Let’s compare the new 200 GB promotion to the NGR Special and Demon Deal:

Demon Deal – Unlimited Usenet + Online Storage for $9.99 a month

The Demon Deal is our favorite NewsDemon special for those interested in unlimited Usenet.  Along with high retention, SSL encryption, 50 connections and a free newsreader, NewsDemon gives Demon Deal members 30 GB of free online storage.  All for just $9.99 a month.

200 GB Special – 200 GB of Usenet downloads for $9 a month

How much do you download each month?  A majority of newsgroup users would answer with a number less than 200 GB.  Most would be far less.  That’s why NewsDemon is offering the new 200 GB special.  Enjoy up to 200 GB of monthly Usenet access for just $9 a month.

NGR Special – 150 GB of Usenet downloads for $8.95 a month

 The NGR Special was the best deal going on metered Usenet access.  With up to 150 GB of newsgroup downloads for $8.95 a month.  While that’s still a great value the new 200 GB special gives you an extra 50 GB a month for a nickel.

Which NewsDemon deal is best?  It depends on your monthly usage and whether or not you want the online storage.  We like the Demon Deal the most and would pay the extra $1 a month for unlimited downloads and online storage.  While those who are just looking for Usenet and download less than 200 GB a month can save $1 each month with the 200 GB deal for $9 a month.

Some of the specials listed above are only accessible through and  Meaning if you go to directly or through another site the pricing will be different for some accounts.  To share the deals with friends send them to this post or the NewsDemon specials page of NGR.

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