Newsbin Adds a Watch Feature

The Newsbin Pro team is at it again.  Releasing a new beta version of the newsreader.  Newsbin 6.50 Beta 5 rolled out on April 24th and is available for download from their beta page.  If you already have a license the new version is free as always.  Otherwise the client is well worth $20 or $30 with a year of standard search access.  Want to automatically grab content soon after it’s posted?  If so check out the new watch feature.

Newsbin Watch Feature

Here’s a full list of features and changes in Newsbin 6.50 vs. 6.42:

  • New Watch feature. Configure Newsbin to pull out items of interest during header downloads.
  • Ability to launch post unrar processing scripts.
  • Provides the ability to download parts of a post to one drive and have them assembled to another. Useful if you want to minimize I/O bottlenecks by downloading to a fast internal drive then save the assembled files on larger external media like a NAS.
  • Optimizations for downloading to SSD drives
  • Uses new hashing code. Seems to solve the rare problem where Newsbin and quickpar don’t agree on the hash value
  • If you have two unique Regular Expressions with a space between them, it’ll AND the results.
  • Intermediate NB2 files are no longer used.
  • New logic to verify all downloaded files even without pars so it won’t download dup files ever.
  • Startup checking is much faster, like if you exit with large sets in the download list.
  • Compacts more posting styles
  • The “Small File Filter” is now disabled by default (Show PAR/NFO)
  • Unnecessary files in the data folder gets purged on startup now.
  • Now supports SMTP authentication for email notifications.

Newsbin customers can download version 6.50 Beta 5 from their beta page. All full releases and betas are free of charge for users with a software license.  New users can download a 10 day free trial to test the client.

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