Newsbin Pro 6.1 Released + Newsbin Remote Control

Newsbin Pro has released a new version of their popular newsgroup reader.  Newsbin Pro 6.1 is available to download directly from the site.  Those who would like to test out the newsreader can download a 10 day free trial.  Version 6.1 of Newsbin Pro Usenet client includes better RAR processing and some cosmetic changes.  Newsbin has also released a remote control interface and is working on some more cool apps.

Here is a list of new features in Newsbin Pro 6.1:

  • Bug fixes
  • Changed icons to expanded compacted posts from arrows to more common + and signs.
  • Hooked up retries for failed header downloads.
  • Hooked up speed and time remaining display when you dwell over the taskbar icon.
  • Load drop down in the post list tab goes back 4 years now.
  • Now only displays the MOTD if there is something new. Unregistered shows the MOTD all the time.
  • Hooked up the Ctrl-G shortcut to perform a header update.
  • New TCP commands for the Remote Control interface: Interface Spec | Remote Control Forum

We’re excited to see Newsbin Remote Control in action.  The Newsbin team is currently beta testing an iPhone / iPad app and they are developing an Android app as well.  You can learn more about the project by visiting their SourceForge page or the Newsbin forum.

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