Newsbin Pro 6.4 NZB Watch Folders Feature

We always enjoy checking out the Newsbin Pro beta releases.  Their latest (Newsbin 6.4 beta 3) includes a new feature that gives users even more control over their downloads.  Allowing you to setup NZB watch folders with different preferences for each.  You can control the folder structure for each NZB folder.  Including the watch folder itself along with download and UnRAR paths.  Visit the Newsbin beta page to learn more.

The customizable NZB watch folders are far more flexible than setting paths with checkboxes.  Now you can use preset symbols like $(GROUP), $(MONTH), $(NZBFILE) and several others to set the folder paths to your liking.  As shown in the screenshot above you can specify the details and order for each download and UnRAR path.

Newsbin 6.40 includes a number of new features including:

  • NZB Watch Folder feature. You can create a folder for sending NZB files for processing and specify different download and unrar pathsto apply to the contents of the NZBs in each watch folder if you like.
  • AutoPAR tweaks so it will work better with a wider variety of RAR set posting styles.
  • AutoPAR state data is all stored in memory now. AutoPAR2.db3 only saves data between runs now. This increases reliability by reducing the chance of corrupting the database file and provides some performance optimizations.
  • Peforming an empty search in Internet Search is now a wildcard search. Returns the last 2000 items added to the Search database.
  • New “Performance” section in the Options menu that allows you to easily tweak options to work best on high end machines or low end machines.

Newsbin customers can download version 6.4 beta 3 from their site.  As all full releases and betas are free of charge for users with a software license.  New users can download a 10 day free trial to test the Usenet client.

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