Newsbin Free Trial with Search

Our friends over at Newsbin are cranking it up this summer.  They’ve always offered a good free trial but now their adding search as well.  You can sign up for a 15 day free trial and enjoy full access to their Newsbin Internet search.  Simply visit the Newsbin sign up page and choose the trial key option.  Then after you enjoy the 15 day free trial you can convert to a lifetime key by signing up for any tier of their search service.

Newsbin Search Trial

Having the search inside your newsreader is an added convenience.  There are three clients that really do a good job of integrating search.  Our favorites are Newsbin, Newshosting and NewsLeecher.    While there are alternatives these three make it simple to find content and download from Usenet.  Newsbin has been innovating their client for a long time and the results show.  There latest beta was released last week.

Once you’ve had a chance to test the reader and search I think you’ll be pleased and want to register the software.  From there you’ll have a lifetime key to Newsbin.  The only thing that costs extra is the search feature in future years.  Otherwise you can always run the latest version of Newsbin without renewing the license.  Even better you have full access to their beta releases.  So sign up for the Newsbin free trial and enjoy!

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