Newsbin 6.51 Beta 1 Released

Did you download the latest Newsbin Pro 6.50 release when it came out last month?  If not you definitely should.  It includes a number of new features.  We especially like the watch feature and the ability to prioritize multiple news servers.  In the new beta Newsbin addresses some bugs found after the final release of 6.50,  As always registered users have full access to all beta versions.  Visit the Nesbin beta page for the download.

Newsbin Pro

Newsbin 6.51 beta 1 includes the following updates and bug fixes:

  • Fixed Socks proxy support. Was broken in 6.50
  • Fixed issue where typing in a specific group for Internet Search wasn’t getting applied.
  • Age filter now persists over reloading the headers.
  • Fixed a couple of cases where RAR passwords were failing on some rar files.
  • Fixed issue with some passworded rar inside rar files getting through the spam filter.
  • Fixed issue with Newsbin ignoring the “Automatically unrar complete files” option. You couldn’t turn it off.
  • Fixed issue with unrar not keeping the PC awake.
  • Fixed issue with combining related headers representing one file set together into one line.
  • When compacting the database, now does a “storage age” purge first.
  • Fixed the “Find” feature when using the image DB.
  • Added logging for when the file exists on disk and the download is abandoned.

Newsbin users can download version 6.51 beta 1 from their beta page. All full releases and betas are free of charge for users with a software license.  New users can download a 15 day free trial to test the client.

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