Relaunched : Welcome Back Merlin

After months of the site being down and Merlins farewell letter we were very surprised to see Merlins Portal live again.  No better way to start the Fall than to welcome back Merlin.  The newly designed launched earlier this week.

No doubt it will take some time for Merlin’s to rebuild the NZB library.  With a community in the thousands including old and new members within the first few days the site should come back quickly.

Here is the message from Merlin regarding the sites return:

Welcome back to Merlins Portal

Welcome to the old but new merlins portal, due to so much demand and arm twisting I have rebuilt the site from scratch.
If your an old member come on in and join and catch up with old friends.

Merlins Portal is the same as always, NO information restricted, NO money required to use the site. FREE is FREE in our book.
New look same ethos, same principles & morals.
In the few days we have re opened we have took in 1000’s of new/old members & 1000’s of NZB files as we rebuild or NZB library.
Good reputation is why we succeeded before and why we will again and why 1000’s use us then and now.
Hopefully see you on the other side and not just as a guest

New and old members always welcome. You will have to re register.

To learn more and join the Merlins community visit