Google Working to Fix Google Groups Issue

If you use Google Groups to read text posts then you might wonder what happened lately.  As Google hasn’t synced their Usenet engine since the first of August.  Not to worry though as Google has identified the issue.  They are working on a fix and plan to have Google Groups back up and running at 100% in the next few days.

We realize that many of our readers might not use Google Groups.  Yet the resource is there and we have appreciated it over the years.  Referencing Usenet posts in several blog articles.  We look forward to Google fixing the current issue so that Google Groups users can once again enjoy up to date text posts.

For those less familiar with Google Groups here’s some background information:

Google bought Deja News in 2001 which gave them a search engine to access archived Usenet posts.  The newsgroup search has had some technical issues lately but Google is working on a solution and is still offering access to newsgroup articles posted prior to August.  Be aware though that Google Groups limits their group selection and doesn’t include access to certain content and groups including the alt.binaries newsgroups.

Google Groups provides two types of groups.  One being traditional Usenet newsgroups and the other non-Usenet groups.  If you want to start your own group then non-Usenet is the only choice.  The non-Usenet groups can be managed as public or private.  They offer mailing list functionality, web page creation, shared documents and member comments.  Google Groups is web-based making it easy to access text newsgroups.

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