Giganews Customers Beta Testing VyprVPN Service

You may have seen discussions in Usenet forums and Twitter lately regarding a new VPN service from Giganews.  The VPN offering is called VyprVPN and is currently in beta.

According to the Giganews VyprVPN beta page the service offers the same privacy, security and speed you enjoy from Giganews Usenet access to the rest of your Internet experience.

The VyprVPN service allows you to privately and securely browse the web, e-mail, instant message, browse newsgroups and more by encrypting the traffic.  The process sounds pretty simple.  You replace your IP address with a VyprVPN IP and browse securely.

The VyprVPN service allows you to choose from a US or European IP address and switch between the server clusters at any time.  The applications for VPN services are varied.  Everything from providing security for hotspot users to enabling VOIP applications to unlocking websites overseas.

The VPN service supports multiple operating systems.  In fact VyprVPN is available for just about every platform including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Windows Mobile and more.

The next question is price.  Here is an explanation from the beta page:

*VyprVPN, valued at $14.99 per month, is guaranteed free to Diamond customers until June 30, 2010. By then, Giganews & Golden Frog will determine if there will be a charge for this service and notify you to opt-in to continue using VyprVPN. Giganews values our loyal Diamond customers and will not charge for this service without your express consent.

It appears Giganews will be giving VyprVPN access to Diamond customers free of charge through at least June 30th of next year.   A good deal considering VyprVPN and similar services cost around $15 a month.

We look forward to bringing you more information in the near future.  In the meantime visit the VyprVPN beta page to find out more.  To learn about Giganews Usenet offerings read our Giganews review or sign up for a 14 day free trial.