Giganews T-Shirt Giveaway : Free Giganews Swag

Giganews has been quite active on the social networks this year.  To help further that effort they are giving Giganews fans a chance to win a free t-shirt.  The rules are simple.  First you must be a Giganews member.  Then simply join with other Giganews fans on Twitter, Facebook or their YouTube channel.  Take a look at the related Giganews post for full details of the promotion.  Good luck winning your free t-shirt!

According to the Giganews post they will randomly give away free t-shirts over the next few weeks.  The free shirts will go to Giganews members who also Follow them on Twitter, Like them on Facebook or Subscribe to the Giganews YouTube channel.  Sounds simple enough.  The post doesn’t mention how many t-shirts will be given out but we’re going to guess that Giganews has come prepared to keep the swag rolling.

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