Giganews Offers VyprVPN Free to Diamond Customers

Giganews just announced a new VPN service for all Diamond customers. The service (called VyprVPN) helps ensure your privacy online.  VyprVPN is free for all Diamond account customers through June, 2010.  Giganews has partnered with Golden Frog to offer VyprVPN and is promising more new and innovative products to come.

The VyprVPN service extends the same privacy, security and speed you enjoy from Giganews Usenet access to the rest of your Internet experience. We had a chance to test the VPN during the initial beta and were impressed with both the speed and reliability of the service.

VyprVPN allows you to privately and securely browse the web, e-mail, instant message, browse newsgroups and more by encrypting the traffic.  The setup is very simple.  You add a network connection for the VPN, replace your IP address with a VyprVPN IP and browse securely.

With VyprVPN you choose from a US or European IP address and can switch between the server clusters if necessary.  The applications for VPN services are varied and include providing security for hotspot users, enabling VOIP applications and unlocking websites while abroad.

VyprVPN is available for several operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and Windows Mobile.  We tested the PC and iPhone versions last month.

Giganews will be offering VyprVPN access to Diamond customers free of charge through at least June 30th of next year.   A very good deal considering VyprVPN and similar services cost around $15 a month.

Sign up for a Giganews Diamond account today and save 50% on your first month of service along with free VyprVPN access.  To learn more read our Giganews review.