Giganews Outage : Why Did Giganews Go Down?

What happened to Giganews earlier this week?  As the Giganews website and news servers were inaccessible for a period of time Monday morning.  With members sharing their concerns and opinions on sites like DSL Reports and Nzbmatrix.  As both the website and their newsgroup servers took an early summer vacation.  Luckily the outage didn’t last long.  Yet the “Always On, Always Available” Giganews service was down.  Many still wonder what happened as Giganews has yet to release any information on the outage.

It appears Giganews, Supernews and Power Usenet were all down for a period of time Monday morning.  Giganews heavily promotes the quality of their service and they normally do a good job of providing reliable Usenet access.  Perfection (no downtime, outages, performance issues,etc.) is nearly impossible.  Yet Giganews high price requires them to be far better than the competition.  We don’t see that much difference anymore as top Usenet providers iincluding UseNetServer, Newshosting and Astraweb offer unlimited Usenet access with 1,000+ days of binary retention and 256-bit SSL encryption for as low as $7.95 a month.

We’ve asked Giganews for any additional information they feel comfortable sharing in regards to Monday’s outage.  If the cause is given we’ll make sure to update this post.  For now we’re unable to ascertain the cause of this outage along with performance issues in Europe earlier this year.