Giganews Offer and Control Panel Android App

Giganews recently launched a new promotion on their top account.  Giving those who haven’t tried the service recently a chance to make full use of their Diamond plan for $17.49 a month for the first three months.  After that the cost goes back to the normal $34.99 retail price.  You can visit for more details.

While we prefer lower priced accounts, the Giganews Diamond plan includes more than just Usenet access.  Diamond members get unlimited newsgroup downloads along with their Usenet browser (Mimo), personal VPN (VyprVPN) and 30 GB of online storage (Dump Truck).  Giganews supports 1,380 days of binary retention along with 50 connections and 256-bit SSL encryption.  Along with a Usenet search engine inside Mimo.

In addition Giganews recently released a Control Panel App for Android.  Those with Android devices can download the new app free.  With it you can view your current and past usage and disconnect VyprVPN connections remotely.  A pretty cool feature.  The app will also help you stay informed on the latest news and contact support if needed.  You can download the new app directly from the Giganews control panel app page.

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