Giganews Hits 2000 Days Retention

Giganews hit a new milestone earlier today when they achieved 2,000 days of binary retention.  Not that other providers are all that far off.  With a number of companies set to hit 2,000 days in a week or so.  Giganews is celebrating their new record with an infographic that details some of their other achievements over the years.  We were just getting started when they hit 100 days of retention in 2007 and have been around ever since.

Giganews 200 days binary retention

Here are a few of the milestones we remember from years past:

  • Passed 100 days of retention in 2007
  • Added server farm in Hong Kong in 2008
  • Passed a year of binary retention in 2009
  • Rolled out VyprVPN privacy service in 2009
  • Released Mimo Usenet browser in 2010
  • Hit 1,000 days of binary retention in 2011
  • Rolled out Dump Truck online storage in 2011

The last couple years look a little quiet on the infograph.  I know last year was a time of growth for their VyprVPN service.  They expanded the network by adding servers in several new countries.  Along with the release of VyprVPN 2.0 apps.  With the growth in online privacy services they are focusing on that market as well.  Congratulations to the Giganews team as they continue to expand retention and innovate into other areas.