Gibinews Usenet Price Increases

Gibinews has been a fresh topic on Usenet forums.  As they have offered a cheap alternative to some of the larger, well known providers.  Now they appear to be struggling to offer a reliable service.  The Gibinews website is currently down.  We also understand Gibinews is increasing the price of their service.  Some Gibinews members are not pleased by the price increase and lackluster support so we’ll offer some alternatives.

In recent weeks Gibinews has increased the price of unlimited Usenet access by almost 30%.  According to a recent Gibinews tweet they will need to continue raising prices or close the service.  The question is how much will users be willing to pay for Gibinews.  I think most Usenet fans were using Gibinews based on the cheaper price.  After the price increases the service may cost almost as much as leading Usenet providers.

There are a number of alternatives to Gibinews.  Here’s a list of a few leading Usenet providers that offer unlimited Usenet access for $10 or less a month.

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