Try GetNZB Usenet Downloader Free

The team over at Nzblord is at is again.  This time around instead of a web Usenet interface they have developed a Usenet downloader for Windows.  The newsgroup client includes everything you need to search for nzb files, download, repair and extract the resulting content.  Unlike most newsreaders, GetNZB is tied to it’s own service.  Those new to GetNZB can download 100 MB free in order to test the Usenet service and client.

We had an opportunity to test GetNZB with a premium account and were pleased with the results.  We started by searching for a Ubuntu distro to download.  GetNZB members can use, or to search for content from within the Usenet client.  We settled on a 820 MB Ubuntu file from October of 2009.  Putting the files at around 880 days old.  GetNZB allowed us to choose which parts of the nzb file to download and then took over from there.  Performing as advertised GetNZB downloaded the files at speeds around 25 Mbps.  The resulting download was all in tact and didn’t need any PAR repairs.

Not to be confuse anyone the GetNZB Usenet client is free but you must pay for a Usenet account to download more than the 100 MB free trial.  GetNZB offers a number of Usenet accounts based on term and download speed.  Here’s a closer look at GetNZB’s newsgroup offerings:

  • Mini (3 days and up to 1 GB, capped at 6 Mb/s) – $5.95
  • Lite (7 days and up to 5 GB, capped at 10 Mb/s) – $10.85
  • Classic (30 days, unlimited downloads, 20 Mb/s) – $16.85
  • Ultra (60 days, unlimited downloads, 24 Mb/s) – $29.65
  • Deluxe (90 days, unlimited downloads, 30 Mb/s) – $39.55

Taking a close look at the GetNZB plans we notice the ‘Mini’ and ‘Lite’ plans are pretty expensive given the limitations.  While the monthly unlimited plan is still high compared to some of our favorites.  Then you get down to the 60 and 90 day accounts.  We like the ‘Deluxe’ account the best.  Both for price (at $13.18 a month) and the upgraded performance cap of 30 Mb/s.  Regardless of which plan you choose the client is included free.

Visit to sign up or learn more about their new Usenet downloader and service.  You can also download the Usenet client for free here.  Afterwards you can open the software and search for content but will need to register for a free trial to test the service.  The client will prompt you to register or sign up.

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