Four Years of Binary Retention

This week some leading Usenet providers including UseNetServer, Newshosting, NewsDemon and Astraweb will achieve a new milestone.  Passing four years of binary retention.  That’s over 1,460 days of binary posts.  Dating back to August of 2008.  Back then we were counting retention in days rather than years.  Now we’re steadily increasing retention each day.  Cheers to all the providers who are crossing the four year mark.

Today there are 1,460 bottles of beer on the wall.  Tomorrow there will be 1,461 bottles…..err days of binary retention.  The day after that…you get the picture.  Leading Usenet providers continue to spool retention on a daily basis.  Which means their members are getting access to more and more content each day.

Having over four years of binary retention is great but you still need a way to find content.  With 1,460+ days of retention you have a lot of newsgroup posts to search through.  Headers would be a challenge.  Luckily there are some popular Usenet clients and indexing sites that can help you easily find topics of interest.

Our first choice for finding Usenet content is the Newshosting client.  The newsreader is included free along with unlimited Usenet access for $9.99 a month or $99 a year.  Easily search across newsgroups and filter by content type.  Once you find what you’re looking for the Newshosting client will take care of the rest.

We’re also fond of some third-party newsreaders with search options.  Our favorite choices in that category include Newsbin Pro Internet Search and NewsLeecher SuperSearch.  Both are premium offerings that can be added as a subscription.  It’s convenient having Usenet search embedded in the newsreader.

While you’ll need a Usenet account for downloading, you don’t have to pay to find newsgroup content.  There are a number of free Usenet search engines and nzb sites out there.  Among our favorites are sites like Binsearch, Nzbindex, and Mysterbin.  There are also paid options including Newzbin and Nzbmatrix.

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