EZ Global Search iPhone 5 Support

EZ Global Search version 1.7 was released to the iTunes app store on January 18th.  While the previous version 1.6 included a number of worthwhile additions the app experienced some bugs after Apple rolled out iOS 6.  We’re happy to share that EZ Global Search v. 1.7 supports both iPhone 5 users and everyone running iOS 6.  That includes iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.  Existing app owners can grab the 1.7 update for free.

The EZ Global Search app is available on iTunes for $2.99 and includes future updates.  We highly recommend you download the app.  You will need Easynews web access to use EZ Global Search.  If you’re not already a member you can sign up for a 14 day free trial of their popular web interface.

EZ Global Seearch 1.7

As you can see above the EZ Global Search app allows you to connect to the Easynews service on your iOS mobile device.  Search as if you were using their web interface.  Then view the details of posts and add content to zip manager.  All without using a computer.  Luckily the only Easynews iOS app on the market is a good one.  Android fans shouldn’t feel left out as Easynews has EZ Usenet and EasyBorwser 3rd party apps available.

EZ Global Search v. 1.7 adds iPhone 5 and iOS support.  Here’s a list of features in the last v. 1.6 release:

– Search by Keyword
– Filter by FileType, Date Range, Size Range, Extension, Newsgroup, Collapse sets
– View results with thumbnails for image and video files
– Click a thumbnail to view the full sized image (video thumbnails too!)
– Email image to friends or Save them to your iOS photo gallery
– Select multiple files and send them to the Zip Manager.
– NEW! Redesigned Zip Manager Tab lets you easily view your queued files in a new iOS friendly format or using Easynews’ Web view
– NEW! NZB Support: Send NZB files to download apps
– Post detail screen displays all available data for each file type including:
– Audio: duration, bit rate, sample rate, ability to play audio sample, file size, and more.
– Video: duration, bit rate, sample rate, resolution, ability to view video thumbnail screens, file size, and more.
– Photos: resolution, thumbnail preview, file size.
– Quickly view and search within your Easynews “Favorite Newsgroups”
– Push posts URLs to popular ‘download apps’ like GoodReader, iCab Mobile, Filer, Downloads, ReaddleDocs, Atomic Web Browser and others. These apps can open and play these files in their native players or other apps (even AVI files if VLC Player is installed as well!)
– NEW! Support for NAS/NZB Apps: SABMobile, SynoLoad, QGetMobile
– Easily view your Saved Searches within your Easynews account (with auto-search nightly hit counts)
– AirPlay Audio support. Easily STREAM iOS compatible audio files and push them to your AppleTV (still trying to work out video support, sorry)
– Save a new search to your Easynews Account to quickly search at another time.
– Choose the port connections should be made through (80, 81, SSL 443, SSL 81)
– View your Gig Bank data
– Universal for iPad and iPhone. Use on your iPad in Full Resolution!
– And much more!

Read our EZ Global Search hands-on experience to learn more about the app.  With the growing use of mobile devices and continued increase in speeds we expect mobile apps to get a lot of attention this year.