Help Us Choose Future Editors Choice Selections keeps a running list of the top 5 Usenet providers.  Each receives Editors Choice recognition and high visibility throughout the site.  The first few years we chose the winners in January and the list was static for the rest of the year.  In 2009 we realized that wouldn’t work anymore.

Last summer we decided a change was needed to ensure the awards remained current and relevant.  The solution?  We now evaluate Editors Choice selections on a quarterly basis.  This gives us ample opportunity to review the list and consider all the options.

Not that the Editors Choice list (top 5 Usenet providers) will all change quarterly.  In fact some providers have been on the list since the inception of the awards.  Instead it gives us the flexibility to recognize services as they excel and steer clear of those who fail to meet our visitors needs.

We would appreciate your help in selecting future Editors Choice selections.  Whether you think a provider is great or experience poor service we want to hear about it.  However, please don’t consider us an avenue of support.  You will still want to contact your Usenet provider directly for that.

Positive experiences including high levels of reliability, performance, value and support go a long way and we want to hear about them.  If you would like us to pass the kudos along please let us know.

In cases of poor service, support or billing issues that caused you to leave a provider we would like to learn more about those situations as well.  If you could kindly provide us with enough information to follow up with the vendor it would be appreciated.

Contact us anytime with feedback on the various providers or improvements we can make to enhance NGR.  Due to limited resources we may not be able to respond to you personally but we will read and consider all comments.  Please send your comments to feedback (at)