Easynews Beta Testing More Web Retention

The team over at Easynews is working on something very cool.  While they’ve always kept pace with other leading Usenet providers for NNTP retention, their web interface is the crown jewel of Easynews.  Those using the interface might soon have the chance to nearly triple the web retention.  Easynews is beta testing 600 days of web retention on their server farm in Amsterdam.  They expect the testing to conclude in about a week.

Would you like to join in on the beta test?  If so members can visit their forum and look for a post titled “We’re looking for a few good testers!”.  You’ll find all the details for the testing.  Including unlimited downloads to the new download farm for the duration of the beta test.  All they ask for is your feedback after testing.  Those new to Easynews can enjoy a two week free trial of the service including web Usenet access.

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