Add Easynews Unlimited NNTP Access for $9.95/mo.

Visit the Easynews site and you will notice a new unlimited NNTP account option.  New and existing customers can now add unlimited NNTP access to any Easynews account (Classic, Plus or Big Gig) for $9.95 a month.

The new unlimited NNTP accounts should hit a sweet spot for Easynews.  Now users can enjoy web Usenet access along with unlimited access using their favorite newsreader.

Here is a brief explanation for those wondering the difference between the standard Easynews plans and the new unlimited NNTP add-on account:
Standard Easynews accounts:  Easynews Classic, Plus and Big Gig all include web Usenet access (no need for a newsreader client)
Unlimited NNTP add-on accounts:  allow customers to download unlimited content from Easynews using a newsreader.

We like the combination of the Easynews Classic account + unlimited NNTP access.  For under $20 a month ($19.93/mo. to be exact) you can enjoy 20 GB of web Usenet access (plus loyalty and roll-over gigs) as well as unlimited NNTP newsgroup access.

For existing customers who use Easynews for web access and a second Usenet provider for unlimited NNTP access the new plan will give them the option to stick with one service.  We also noticed the unlimited NNTP account is billed separately.  We assume that means customers can cancel the unlimited plan anytime without canceling their Easynews account and losing loyalty gigs in the process.

Read our Easynews review to learn more about the service or sign up for Easynews and enjoy web Usenet access + unlimited NNTP downloads.